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Three words you’ll find on her insta bio that describe her simply and perfectly. Meet Lindsey Dieter.

An eternal optimist with an overactive imagination, unconditional love for her crew and beyond exceptional design skills, she moved her entire life to one of the most challenging yet rewarding cities one fall and hasn’t stopped since. She’s presented PROXIMITIES; a performance she co-choreographed showcasing relationships between physical embodiment and the built environment, to Solange Knowles, was awarded a Double Major Thesis prize, had her lighting design featured on Vogue, and she’s currently crushing her Interior Lead Design position at WeWork - just to name a few. Trained as a contemporary ballet dancer, the woman also knows her way around a barbell, a bike and a run path. What will she do next? I can’t wait to find out. Keep your eyes peeled for a blondie in a black jeep wrangler, husky pup riding shotgun en route to her design practice that’s changing the way we live, move and connect with others through design.

In the meantime, read on for more about her work and what she counts on to support living a life well loved.


Fashion muse: Kate Moss + Leah Lindsay (straight up).
Winter uniform: Leather Jacket or Stedman Wool Coat (Aritzia) + a series of layering tactics to make up for the seasonally inappropriate jacket - Blanket Scarf, Ripped Jeans and my red beanie (And Other Stories).
Summer uniform: One Teaspoon Light Denim, High Waisted Shorts, Crop Top, Bandana.
Workout uniform: Compression tights and a top knot.
Everyday bling: Black Onyx Power Ring.
Nail polish: Black or red. Always.
Heels: Rarely - I have arthritic old lady feet.
Boots: Combat (Frye) / Booties (Rag & Bone).
Flats: Do Birkenstocks count? If not, loafers from And Other Stories.
Sneakers: Converse (Day), Nike Metcons/Romaleos (Crossfit) / Mizuno wave rider (Run).
Denim: High rise ripped light denim from XXX BGD high-rise skinnys from Urban Outfitters.
Sunglasses: Ray Ban.
Day bag: Little Lionman Leather Handmade bag going on 6 years strong or Flux Productions Side Bag.
Intimates: And Other Stories, Journelle.
Swim: Lolli Swim, Solid and Striped, And Other Stories.
Glasses: I’ve had a prescription I haven’t filled in 1 year...brb.
If you could only shop at one store: I think all of the above gave it away ..And Other Stories.
Online fashion go-to: Pinterest.
Home decor aesthetic: Scandanavian + Parisian Antique.
Furniture/interiors store: Matter, John Derian Dry Goods, Roman and Williams Guild (a girl can dream).

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Morning: I’m an early bird, by design. Up before sunrise, water + lemon first thing to start it right, followed by black coffee with collagen peptides or protein powder. (Isopure Zero Carb Vanilla or Rego Recovery, depending on how intensely I’m training) Run along the Brooklyn Piers (pre broken foot) or beat the rest of Brooklyn into the city for a crossfit WOD (workout of the day). Next, some BCAA’s + water and try to eat within 30-45 min of exercising. I try to load my carbohydrates around my workouts. (oatmeal with hemp seeds/berries or egg whites, avocado, kale and pastrami on a whole wheat wrap) Fine Print - I will NOT leave the house until the bed is made. I was raised on “if nothing else happens today, at least you made the bed”.
Work: I’m currently living that office life (remember: doesnt sit still well) so you can count on me to be up to the water fountain every hour. Mandatory afternoon stroll outside for some vitamin D (no I’m not perfect at this...sometimes I don’t leave the office for 12 hours) BUT... getting a standing desk has changed my life. I dare you to try dozing off standing up, hmmmmmm.
Evening: I wish I had an applause worthy pm routine. New York City has made me a hybrid early bird / night owl BUT...when I’m doing it right, I cut coffee by 3pm, have dinner no later than 8pm, calm it down with a shower, facemask from Aesop and put my feet up the wall to decompress.
Weekend: Saturday is for errands. Sunday is for long bike rides, big meals and sunday funnies.
Skincare: The less sh*t I put on my skin and in my body, the better. Crazy right? But for real, monitoring my sugar intake is honestly the best skin care remedy I’ve found. In addition to, I use Beauty Counter and Kheils. Fave skin care products of all time are their moisturizing oils.
Beauty: 4L of H2O per day.
Haircare: Bumble & Bumble Invisible Hairdresser's Oil + Coconut Dry Shampoo.
Body lotions and potions: Coconut Oil. Plain and simple.
Best beauty Tip: Hydrate, have frequent sex and shut all the blinds for mega deep sleep.


Workouts: Crossfit 5-6 days per week. Run 1-2 days per week, Yoga... not enough.
Favorite fitness class: Forget class - 50 miles on a road bike.
Me time:
1. Black coffee before sunrise, no talking, goal check in to start it off right.
2. Alone on the run path - I’m a better person post-run.
3. Traveling: I need minimum 1 trip per year. Recently my travels have been work related. In 2019 - shop talk and sunnies dont mix (k they do, but I need at least one international trip with zero work).
4. Healthiest habit(s): Greens at every meal.
Vitamins/supplements: Fish Oil, B Vitamin and Vitamin D.


Breakfast: Egg Whites, Avocado, Greens, Berries, coffee.
Snacks: Smoked salmon on zuchini with salt and pep or on the go = PROMIX protein puff bar.
Coffee: Americano.
Pre-workout: Protein Powder (Isopure Zero Carb) + Coconut Water or Rego Recovery by SIS.
Post-workout: BCAA.
Always in my fridge: Egg Whites and Apple Cider Vinegar.
Guilty pleasure: Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Go-to dinner party dish/recipe: Bacon wrapped dates (Canadian - duhh).

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Business read: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
Personal read: Strengths Finder, Daring Greatly, WHEN - The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.
Fiction read: Catcher in the Rye, This is How You Loose Her - Junot Diaz.
Podcasts: Soul Sessions.
News source: My Dad and The New York Times.
Blogs: The one you’re reading right now.
Recent Google search: Negative side effects of Alka Seltzer (you can thank Jen Mehalko for getting me hooked on the magic fizzy tablets following too much wine).
Tech set-up: Double monitor.
Recipe source: @eyeswoon and Cook Beautiful.
Trends on your radar: One Pieces - trend or not, I’m wearing one.
Way to stay organized: Urgent vs. Not Urgent List and answer the phone when it rings.


Most notable life lesson to date? Action (long term) vs. Reaction (short term). I thought you automatically mastered this when you turn 30... But then I ran a trail race with a stress fracture and broke my foot. In the days leading up to the race, I couldn’t see past the cause, my team and the finish line. Limping through bear country for 2.5 hours + 2 months in an aircast made me realize I had come no further than when my Dad asked if I wanted to get the Jasmine Barbie right now, or wait till Christmas and get Jasmine + Aladdin (obviously I chose Jasmine NOW). Short term, reactionary stupidity is NOT COOL!
Who would you want to be for a day? Michelle Obama.
What’s something you can’t live without? Physical movement.
Favorite food: Cedar plank salmon.
Best part of your day? Post workout.
Ever won a competition? I won a battle at a club in New York City when I was 20. Sweat TG.
Pets? Orange Tabby Cat - named after legendary Mies Van der Rohe.
Summer or winter? Since discovering the distance bike ride - summer...but I’m a snow bunny.
Favorite thing about your personality? People tell me I’m an old soul, meanwhile I’m making a late payment on my student loans.
One thing you wish you could change about yourself? Donning anothers masks before my own.
Making things out of concrete.
Thing to collect: Passport stamps.
Binge-worthy show: Sex in the City FOR LIFE.
Documentary: Thereabouts.
Movie: Lion, Shape of Water, Best in Show.
Quote: “What you are afraid of is a clear indicator of the next thing you need to do”.
Charity: Love for Lewiston.
What scares you: Sky Diving.
What irritates you? If you start a sentence, FINISH IT DAMNIT.
What makes you happy? My niece.
Favorite piece of furniture: Handmade Gold Leaf Ornate Frame.
Drink: Bourbon and Ginger.
Sunday activity: Coffee and Sunday Funnies are LIFE.
Go-to hostess gift: Depends who is hosting but if I’m in attendance it’s probably wine.
Potluck dish: Graphically pleasing cheese board.
Local restaurant: Poppys - okay its not a restaurant, but their sea salt chocolate chip cookies will change your life.
Color: Black...fine, yellow.
Flowers: Orchid.
Candle: Palo Santo.
Favorite animal: Noahs Ark.
Something you miss from your childhood: My grandparents and 2 month vacations EVERY YEAR.
In your headphones: Drake.

What is a message you want everyone to know? Don’t tell them, show them.

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How did you get started in design?
My big girl dream was to be an architect. Sidelined by physics 30 and my inability to sit still - I pursued dance, kinesiology and movement based adventures for the first 25 years of my life. Following a 6 year run at lululemon in store management, visual merchandising and store design, I enrolled in a 6 week design intensive at Parsons, fell head over heels, quit my job and moved to New York City via Masters in Interior and Lighting Design.
What has been your biggest business/work challenge to date and how did you overcome it?
Asking for what I’m worth - this is still a work in process, but when you are delivering an intangible service ie: design consultancy, the monetary value of your work is less clear
What’s your favorite thing about doing your work?
Creative flow - when I’m in it, step aside.
What skills have led to your success?
Listening (verbal, visual cues). When you listen, like REALLY listen to what people are saying + observe body language - the answer is right there.
Any words of wisdom, sage advice or habits you’ve learned from your work life?
No matter how urgent the deadline - know when to call it quits. Don’t be a hero, or get caught up in the ‘look at how busy I am’ story. Shut it down, get some sleep and finish it in ½ the time in the morning.
How do you decide what to say yes to and what to say no to?
If the work and people involved excite me - its a fuck yes.
What do you find you’re more inclined to say “no” to now?
Resume building jobs that don’t pay well aka if you can make more picking apples, dont do it.
How do you stay motivated?
I have a big ass goal - design spaces that encourage people to move more. To do that, I need to both a) live by example and b) hustle hard to make that goal a reality.
How do you deal with stress?
Sweat. It. OUT.
What advice do you have for someone starting out in your field?
Trust that your experience, whether it is related to design or not, is valuable. A single minded, classically trained approach = dry toast. Be confident in your unique skill sets. Its what sets you apart from the rest of them.

Get your fill of and find out more about L. Dieter on her Instagram + website.

Images courtesy of Amy J Gardner, Pinterest.