I have my eye on the Earth Kimono and Water Pant from The Wylde. They make their threads from natural and raw materials making them eco-conscious and sustainable. #swoon

I threw away

all my other bras after trying Third Love. I got one, wore it for a couple months, fell in love, ordered 3 more & tossed the poorly fitting, old bras I had sitting in my drawer. Their bras fit SO WELL (as long as you get the right size of course but they have a survey to help you with that), straps don't fall down, are really comfortable & look great under all tops. Check them out here

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What the Health?

Health and wellness is quick becoming a crowded landscape. With popularity comes options and it can be really overwhelming and difficult to determine what you should be doing to ensure peak performance. I enjoyed this article on Goop by author Dr. Frank Lipman that simplifies what we can be doing to support our individual wellness needs.


"When you're focused on a problem, you can't think your way out of it. You can only think your way deeper into it because Law of Attraction will only bring you more of whatever the problem is."

So what do you do about that? Check out the post below from Words of Women.


Changing Your Vibrational Energy To Attract Calm from Words of Women

The only way to get rid of a negative thought is by creating or paying attention to another one.

Have you ever lied awake at night unable to sleep because your mind is racing? Maybe you’re angry at your boss, a coworker, your boyfriend. They did something earlier that day, yesterday or maybe even last week that just didn’t sit well with you. Now, alone with your thoughts,  you replay it over and over again. The more you think about it the angrier you become, until you’re so restless and energized you can’t sleep.

The next morning you’re cranky and tired, telling everyone you couldn’t sleep last night. When they ask why, you can’t give you a reason. But you know why. Imagine telling them that you couldn’t sleep because you put on heavy metal and blasted it loudly throughout the night. They’d tell you that’s why you couldn’t sleep and you should have just turned it off. Well, basically, that’s what you did with your thoughts. You tuned into a loud, obnoxious radio station.

Deliberate creation is about tuning your frequency. Deliberate creation is about chilling out so that there’s no resistance and then focusing. It’s about tending to the frequency first and then applying the thought. When you are focused on a problem, you cannot think your way out of it. You can only think your way deeper into it. Because Law of Attraction will only bring you more of whatever the problem is.

So when you’re caught up in negative energy or negative feeling, you have to deliberately think yourself out of it. This comes with practice.

This week, practice training your vibration by training your thoughts.The next time your mind starts racing and you see yourself obsessing over someone or something, derail the thoughts and force yourself to think of something else.

Photo cred: The Wylde, Pinterest