It was love at first sight. 
I originally spotted this fuzzy fanny on @bohemegoods, she was sold out so I went straight to the source, Your Bag of Holding. Not only is it well made, it's made in Canada! Check out her website for heaps of gorgeous leather bags and fanny styles.

I follow Danielle Pascente on Instagram, have tried some of the workouts she posts - and I like them! She has a Kick Ass Training Guide packed with workouts that she sells HOWEVER she's offering up 2 weeks of free workouts she'd typically charge for starting on February 26th so if you're interested in testing them out I suggest signing up - let me know if you do, I did as well, we can commiserate together! She's running it as a challenge but it's totally optional whether you participate in it or not, you can just do the workouts if that suits you best. 
Click for details.

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I drink a mushroom + coffee mix now yet can still only have a couple cups a day without feeling jittery brain strain. I love the cozy acton of sipping out of a mug so much I had to find a replacement solution. Enter Oolong tea. Not only does it provide a myriad of health benefits (read about them here), it "increases visual information processing, attention levels, alertness, and calmness". Sold. I can drink a few cups throughout the afternoon and feel like an awake million bucks.

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Set expectations early.

I found, especially as a contractor, that if I made myself available at odd hours it became an expectation that I would always be available at those times. Let your clients know when you'll be available, set office hours, you'll be thankful you did it when clients stop calling you at 9pm on date night.