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Is what I thought when I saw her taking a selfie with a world class DJ Steve Aoki. After that I proceeded down the rabbit hole and googled her only to find out she has a book called

"The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives"

I've purchased it on Audible & can't wait to listen!

Your mom nagged at you to put sunscreen on for a reason. Sun damage can lead to skin cancer, wrinkles, skin discolouration and did I mention skin cancer??? I recently had a skin analysis done where you look at your skin under different lights and holy shit was I shocked. We can't see 80% of the damage we're actually doing to our skin until it's too late and that my friends is a stinker. I've tried multiple sunscreens on my face and finally found one that doesn't make me look shiny, leave white residue, or is too heavy AND the best part is, it sets your makeup too! Tennis babe Maria Sharapova is one of the owners of Supergroup and has ensured their products won't sting her eyes when she sweats - and they've done their job! I wear it running and it doesn't irritate my eyes or skin at all. You can get their Defense Refresh Setting Mist on their website (sign up for their email and get 15% off your first order), at Sephora, Nordstrom and Amazon just to name a few!

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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! How sweet is this rose necklace from Redwolf

If you don't know your WHY your HOW and your WHAT will not be as effective. If you're struggling with where to start (on anything) first ask yourself why. If you don't know the answer, start to dig around until you do. Once you know your why, the how and what will become easier. Then, you can run everything past your why - if it aligns with it do it, if it doesn't, consider ditching it. 

Want to learn more about this concept? Read Simon Sinek's book Start With Why.