There's some swear words in this Podcast.
But that's all part of the entrepreneurial journey, isn't it? A few F-bombs navigating the path of wearing multiple hats, not knowing wtf you're doing, being everything to everyone, making all the decisions....
Meet Sarah Levey, founder of my favorite yoga studio Y7. I'm religious about going when I'm in NYC or LA because I love the music, the sweat, the flow and the consistency. Their branding is on point and they deliver what they promise to. 
This Almost30 Podcast (Episode 94) is definitely inspiring for entrepreneurs - future and present - it has great insight into what it takes to see success, dealing with copycats and how running a business can impact your relationship.

The first time I used this leave-in detangler I got compliments on my hair immediately. I didn't have an issue with tangles however my hair was looking lack-lustre and a little dry. I spray 5-6 times when my hair is wet, comb it through, then style it as I normally do. My hair looks shinier, healthier and lays nicely - way less static and frizz. It's pairs really well with heat styling - so if you use a blow dryer and/or curling iron I highly recommend it for protection!
You can buy it from their website, Amazon, Walmart, etc. 

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I got these lucky horseshoes on my trip to Marfa, TX with lululemon from Cast + Crew. They've got an industrial powder coat finish and come in tons of vibrant neon colors. I had SUCH a tough time choosing which ones to get! If you're not heading to Marfa anytime soon have no fear, you can buy them from their online shop

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We're often told to take a big leap but chasing our dreams can look different for each of us. We don't share the same DNA, what works for one might not work for another. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

Do you want to eat healthier? Week 1 add a serving of greens to one of your meals. Week 2 keep that up and drink an extra glass of water daily. Week 3 keep doing both of those and eat a carb-free dinner once a week. Week 4 eliminate one 'bad' habit you have (one of mine is grabbing a few chocolate chips after dinner - now I just don't buy chocolate chips unless necessary for baking).

One month later (and relatively painlessly) you've picked up 3 healthy eating habits and eliminated a bad one. If that ain't progress I don't know what is.