"2017 was a year of personal transformation for both of us. We were each navigating major career transitions and all of the collateral issues that came with it. We were on a quest to achieve balance with our health and wellness, we were shedding relationships and activities that didn’t fit us anymore, we were trying to be the best wives to our husbands, and we were starting to feel the pressure from society around us to settle into the idea of beginning the mental and physical preparations to one day be mothers. It all felt like a lot to handle."

UMMMMM can anyone relate? If you're screaming yes then you'll want to check out Worth Control, a new Podcast by two inspiring, real women - one of whom I'm lucky enough to call a friend! I love that they're addressing topics I can relate to, they keep it quick (around 20 minutes) and they're authentic. Check out their Podcast here and my friend Eleanora's blog here.

Leah where's your go to swimsuit from? 
Solid and Striped
I have one-pieces and two-pieces, striped and solid (no joke). 
They fit me well. What I really like is that the bottoms have coverage. I'm not a prude but I also don't want my ass hanging out in front of all of our friend's kids at the lake, ya know? So check the bottoms for coverage - some have a little less than others so they offer the best of both worlds - only you know what you're comfortable with.
You can shop them in Nordstroms, various boutique swimwear stores and of course online. I find they fit true to size!

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest duck in the world. I've been to ALL of Outdoor Voicesbrick and mortar locations (obsessed much?) and have tried on heaps of styles. So what do I think? I'm a fan. I'm especially a fan of the green in these particular leggings, a shade brought back by popular demand. Their fabric has a snug, secure fit. It's not as stretchy as say lululemon but stays in place just the same and hugs everything in.

“'You always hear stories about who the typical entrepreneur is and it’s the person who was at school selling cookies and making a profit at the age of 8.'

I have never been that kind of person."

Meet Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella. Swoon over this pic of her gorgeous family then go readabout how she's conquered the healthy food industry in her own way. I definitely make recipes from her app (did you see my insta oats on Sunday? #todiefor) and have mega respect for her as an entrepreneur!