A quick note from le founder, yours truly, LL:
I'm feeling so flipping jazzed about 2018. First off, my husband is currently shopping at Nike & just sent me a pic of a shiny gold jacket that might soon be mine #blessed.
Secondly, I don't know about you but I've struggled with the "what should I be doing" question for longer than I'd like to admit. I get caught up in the "will it work? is it cool? will people like it?" for so long I often don't get past the ideation stage. I think it's one part genetics, another part confidence + trust in my abilities and a third part social media comparison/judgement land. I'd always think "oh crap, what she's doing looks way better or wow, I can't compare to that". 
Well that shit way of thinking is over.
In 2018 I'm committed to testing out my ideas vs. talking them to death. 
(I hope you like them)

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Heidi is the daughter of Channel Island's founder Al Merrick. Channel Islands is a premier surfboard manufacturer. Surfing is soul food. 
See what Heidi Merrick is up to below.

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'channeling' all the good genes from Al and her own life experiences in and out of the ocean. There isn't one piece I wouldn't buy.
Take a tour through her online shop here

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I started January 1 out at Refine Method in NYC. It was a good full body workout, a HIIT class that worked cardio and strength. You each get your own station and everyone gets down to business. The class went by fast and the best part is, you're second class is free!

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I love the infrared sauna so much I decided to do some research on other infrared treatments which brought me to Revive Light Therapy. I'm always looking for a way to make mouth health easier (I detest flossing) and although this doesn't eliminate flossing it does something that irritating string doesn't do: kills bacteria. This is huge because bacteria from your mouth can enter your system and mess up your insides. The device is easy to use, just 10 minutes a day, comfortable and you can use it with a whitening gel to increase the function of the gel. Get 25% off your purchase of ANY of their products + free shipping on their website here using code VIPOANDG. They have anti-aging (yes, I'm trying this next) and acne treatments, pain relief and home hygiene products!