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Top 3 bloggers I'm obsessed with FIGTNY

The first two might not be worn much in Texas (not that a little heat can stop me) but I can definitely get behind justifying the double shot of the short version. No 6 makes all styles and they're all fabulous.
Clogs are timeless. Period.

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Any spin instructors or spin class aficionados reading this? My number 1 way to ensure I don't get ingrown hairs, razor burn or chaffing from riding is Tea Tree Oil. In fact, I've been using it for ages on ingrowns, zits, and cuts - it works like a charm! I think it was my mom that first got me onto it, either way I'll give her credit. 
How I use it:
After shaving/waxing (yes down there) I put it on. Literally slather it on right after. If I start to get an ingrown on my legs or armpits or yes, down there, I put it on. If I start to get a zit I dab it on. If I get a cut or scrape, I put it on. 
Easy peasy. 
I don't have one brand I use over another. The thing to watch for when buying is to make sure that it's 100% pure. Have a look at where it's made or ask for a recommendation from your local natural foods store. 

If you know a cycle instructor, make sure to pass this email along to them!


A skipping rope takes up minimal room in your suitcase & you can pretty much use it anywhere.
Create a body weight workout with it, interval style:
30 seconds - jump rope
30 seconds - strength move
(think push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips, squats, lunges, calf raises, etc)
Do it for 10/15/20/30 minutes - however long you have!