Workout Hair | Perky Pony Tutorial

A hairdresser once told me with a hint of hope in his voice that I have fine hair but a lot of it. This gave me the false sense that with the proper cut I would magically have voluptuous locks all day long. Truth be told, I'm a professional daydreamer so unsurprisingly, I was wrong. Turns out that having "a lot" of fine hair doesn't equate to having volume. In a ponytail, my fine strands seem to band together, increasing their combined weight and for fear of going against the laws of gravity, reach for the ground leaving me with a sad, limp pony.

And then this perky ponytail solution came into my life. It requires 3 fat elastics, that's all! I'd stumbled across several hair tutorials on one of my world-wide-web binge sessions that showcased the 2 elastic method, I tried it, it worked ok…. and then I thought, if there was this much of an improvement with 2 elastics, imagine if I used 3??!!

This gist: split your hair into 3 sections, which I show you below, and wrap an elastic around one, then add the next section of hair, followed by an elastic, until all of your hair is tied up. 3 layers of hair + 3 elastics = a perky ponytail that will withstand any workout (night out?)!

STEP 1:  Use a comb or your fingers to trace a part from the top of your head down to the top of each ear. Bring it in front of your ears to hang out for a minute, this is the last section you put up.

Perky Pony Tutorial - Oil & Grain - 1
Perky Pony Tutorial - Oil & Grain - 2

STEP 2: Using your thumbs (or fingers, dealer's choice) draw a second part from the tops of your ears to the back of your head. Gather the hair from above that part and from behind the first part you made into your first ponytail, tie with an elastic.

Perky Pony Tutorial - Oil & Grain - 3

STEP 3: Gather the hair below your first ponytail and add it to that pony. Secure with your 2nd elastic.

Perky Pony - Oil & Grain - 4.5.JPG

*See, my pony is still a little limp with just two elastics (yes I realize some hair is missing from the pony but trust me when I tell you it doesn't make a difference). Also can we just address how terrifying my hair looks at this stage? I actually think I might have worn my hair like this back in Junior High, long bangs slicked down in the front + high ponytail in the back - who's with me? You know you all tried it….

STEP 4: Gather the final front section of hair and add it to your semi-perky ponytail. Secure with your 3rd elastic. 

Perky Pony Tutorial - Oil & Grain - 5

VOILA! A perky ponytail that ain't going nowhere with the snug elastics holding it in place.

Perky Pony Tutorial - Oil & Grain - 6

The struggle is real:

hair elastic joke - oil & grain

Below are the hair elastics I used - standard thick ones from the drug store. Happy styling!

~xo L

Goody Hair Elastics - Oil & Grain