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my shopping habits have shifted. i find i am buying less and seeking out classic versatility when updating my wardrobe. these 3 pieces from lululemon athletica meet said requirements and then some!  the away dress is light & stretchy, has functional pockets (i love pockets on dresses and skirts) & stylish laser cut patterns for ventilation. the find your om scarf is a gorgeous cotton/wool blend & can be worn multiple ways (think cozy scarf or shawl/blanket for planes, yoga, cool weather, etc.). and the jacket… it's badass - bomber's are classic & never go out of style. this one is reflective front to back, i've worn it for cold weather runs, dressed it up for dinner with the gals and layered it with my snapshot crew for day-to-day doings.


away dress | lululemon |

the tassels on the scarf are on 2 corners, so if you don't want them to show you can just have the other corners hanging out.

away dress + bright bomber + find your om scarf | lululemon |
away dress | lululemon |
away dress details | lululemon |

(the detailing on this dress is seriously incredible)

away dress | | lululemon
away dress - back | lululemon |
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bright bomber jacket | lululemon |
reflective bomber jacket | lululemon |
away dress + bright bomber | lululemon |