Butter Makes Your Coffee | Bulletproof?

~ guest post by the ever so sassy and fabulous Alix.

First things first - if you're not going to sing this song every time you make this, then you are missing half the point. 

Bulletproof coffee. Heard of it, haven't heard of it, just singing along with the YouTube video, wherever you stand on this important issue,  the quick and dirty is this is coffee with butter and coconut oil. Wham-bam-butter-me-coffee-crazy. 

You might be balking at the idea of butter in your coffee. Personally, the idea sounded amazing to me the moment I heard it, but I'm a McDonaldsy-kinda gal so I can see if the idea of butter in your coffee sounds slightly alarming. Like, bring on the obesity epidemic kind of alarming. And admittedly, I find it ridiculously tasty so yes - this comes with a warning. Do not drink coffee that you've mixed with equal parts butter. That's disgusting. But a little butter is delicious and even a little bit good for you.

Butter in itself is full of arachidonic acid, which is critical to brain function and health. So while regular coffee helps you articulate yourself better, bulletproof coffee actually helps your brain think better. It also helps kick start the body into burning fat and keeps that momentum going all day long, so some people claim it actually has weight loss properties (I won't bet my house on it). But I will say it doesn't give you the jittery crash that plain coffee does. There are a host of other reasons butter in your coffee is great for you but I'm not going to plagiarism them. You should also note that some people are of the opposite mind - that it's not good for you. You're a consenting, literate adult so I've included a few links at the bottom to help you decide for yourself. One thing that I personally want to stress is that this is not a meal replacement. Some people think it is but I don't. It's got calories that keep you fuller a little longer but I believe that it's better for you to pair it with a banana and peanut butter, a hardboiled egg or chia and blueberries, making for a hearty start to the day. 

Okay, ON WITH IT, ALIX. Here's the low down dirty on making your own bulletproof coffee. 

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Ingredients & Tools:

  • Coffee of your choosing. I myself am only a partial coffee snob, but I come from real coffee snob stock. As in, my mother actually brings her own coffee ingredients to my house, even though I know her exact preferences and always have them on hand. We drink Kicking Horse Coffee Grizzly Claw - don't you dare bring that Kirkland shit around here. 
  • Butter of your choosing. Now, it's absolutely true that organic, grass-fed butter is going to be better for you with greater health benefits and probably taste better. But if salted butter is what's in your fridge, shake what yo' mama gave you and if you end up loving bulletproof coffee, invest in some grass-fed goodness. 
  • Coconut oil, again of your choosing. I use the stuff you buy in the Costco tubs - you know what I'm talking about. 
  • Cream, sugar, salt, whatever coffee dressings your exhausted heart desires
  • An Aerolatte or blender (hand or full-size). I like to use an Aerolatte because fewer dishes = better. It's a small, motorized hand whisk that is meant to froth milk but in my typical industrious manner, I've found it to be useful for tons of stuff (mixing salad dressing to baby formula to milk paint).
Bulletproof Coffee / Oil & Grain - 1

Make your coffee. I like to grind my beans fresh (force of habit) and I use a Breville Burr Grinder because I'm fancy like that. My brewer of choice is Bonavita 8 cup coffee maker that has no frills - just an on/off switch and it makes a hot cup of coffee in less than a few minutes.  Both of these products I give 5 Star Reviews (another post for another time).

Bulletproof Coffee / Oil & Grain 2
Bulletproof Coffee / Oil & Grain 3

Grab your coziest Anthropologie mug (you know, the one you like to Instagram all the time) and measure off about half a teaspoon of both butter and coconut oil and throw it in there. 

This next part you can do a few ways but the bottom line is you want to melt the butter and coconut oil. You can melt it before hand it its own little bowl, either with a quick 30 second nuke in the microwave or by using a glass bowl in a pot of boiling water. You can pre-heat your milk or cream, and by mixing the three together, the coconut oil and butter will melt. Or you can do what I do - I put the coconut oil and butter in my mug, and add a little bit of hot coffee to melt it.

Bulletproof Coffee / Oil & Grain 4

What you'll see is an oily film on the top of the coffee. That's when your Aeorlatte comes in beyond useful because it's more than kind of gross if the butter and coconut oil aren't blended all that well. A fork won't do it, and I haven't found a hand whisk to do the trick either. So grab the Aerolatte and give it a good 7 to 10 second whiz. 

Bulletproof Coffee / Oil & Grain 5
Bulletproof Coffee / Oil & Grain 6

If you're going the blender route, just toss all the coffee with equal amounts coconut oil and butter into a blender and pulse that puppy. Easy peasy, minus the buttery blender you now get to clean...

Now the really tricky part - fill the rest of you hipster mug with tasty coffee, add sugar, salt, stevia, molasses (I prefer black strap to give it a nice smokey sweet flavour), cream, milk, soy, vanilla syrup, whatever and voila. You've got your little piece of bulletproof heaven. 

Bulletproof Coffee / Oil & Grain 8
Bulletproof Coffee / Oil & Grain 7

Have you tried making your own bulletproof coffee? Are there glaring mistakes or steps I missed in this post? Forgive me if there are, oh, Queen of the KnowItAllUniverse, but I've got two kids under two and my daily goals include putting on deodorant and finishing my mug of bulletproof coffee before 2pm. 

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