I'm Mule Obsessed and SO Glad They're a Trend for Spring/Summer 2017

I'm lazy...

when it comes to putting my shoes on.

Bending over or sitting down, yanking my shoes on, tying them up UGGHHHHHH it's the worst. Don't even ask me how much I dislike attempting to put winter boots on (thank goodness I live in Texas now).

I've worn slip on sandals and flip flops even when it's deemed inappropriate by some sort of fashion guru because I'm too lazy to put 'hassle shoes' on - as I like to call them. Enter MULES. BLESS WHOEVER THOUGHT TO MAKE THESE and whoever declared them a style trend for spring/summer 2017.

You don't even have to bend over to put them on. You just strut up to the front door, slide them on and waltz out. I have clogs, leather mules, furry mules and the always stylish (ha!) UGG mules.

This pair of 'Flat Fabric Shoes' (they could have picked a sexier name, don't you think?) from Zara are the latest addition to my collection. They're fabric (duh, the name) with a little tassle-y mohawk type of thing down the middle and bonus, you can make them into full flats with a heel. Talk about being versatile.

Zara ships free in the USA for orders over $50 and has free returns which I appreciate very much.

Tag me on Instagram or Pinterest when you find a pair you love - or shoot me an email! #MuleCommunityUnite

~xo LDLF