You Need These at the Pool/Lake/Beach [Seriously]

Pool toys are acceptable for adults #finally. Tay & Calvin might have had something to do with it, I have to give them credit for giving pool swans a little attention however their popularity didn't end the same way their relationship did. If anything, pool floats are gaining in popularity, and why not?! Something as glorious as this should not be a trend, it should be a household staple passed down from generation to generation. I've spotted them in more and more stores this summer, big daddies like Target, Urban Outfitters and Nordstroms are carrying them as are small boutiques and dollar stores. Upon purchasing 2, a doughnut and pineapple, my only learning is that one should also purchase an electric pump as opposed to a manual bike pump - unless you want to get a workout in before hitting the water #idont.

Pool Toys on Oil & Grain

The Pool Toys:

(Hot or not these pool toys & accessories will make you jump in a body of water solely for the sake of getting to use them.)

*If you're on your iphone #stupidquestion tap on the arrows you can barely see on either side of the images to see more and more and more.

The Accessories:

The Suits & Soles:



*Pizza, seashell + drink float photo cred: Urban Outfitters