Puma Sneakers // Thank You MISSBISH

I've always thought of myself and my babely friends as icons (HA) so it's only fitting that a trio of us won iconic Suede Classics from Puma + MISSBISH. In the spirit of kickin' it old school, I paired them with high socks (courtesy of Stance - if you haven't checked out their socks yet you gotta - so many styles, all fantastic) and denim shorts (I almost popped a pair of 70's gym shorts on reminiscent of Parker Posey in Dazed and Confused... I'll save that look for another post). I then proceeded to make an attempt at testing out my husband's skateboard. I made 1 lap around the parking lot safely and then called it quits. Ain't nobody got time for scrapped knees in summer.

Things I love about these sneakers:

1. They're black and white. Nuff said.

2. The logo is sparkly gold, the way to my heart.

3. They're suede.

4. They're teenage skater girl cute but classic enough for a 30 year old to wear (wink, wink)

MissBish X Oil & Grain X PumaWomen
MISSBISH X Oil & Grain X PumaWomen