Converse // Limited Edition Leather Chucks

Converse High Tops - Special Edition - Oil & Grain.jpg

What was life like before high tops? I don't care to remember. Converse are my go-to's even though they are a bit chunky on me because my feet are on the narrow side, it just doesn't matter, they're the original gangstas in my eyes.

I snagged these limited edition Chuck Taylor All Star II Leather High Tops in "Mocha Mouse" (be cuter with the name Converse, oh wait, you can't) a couple of weeks ago alas, they arrived while I was away so I've been delayed in sharing them with you beautiful human beings. Bad news is, in that time it appears they've sold out on the US Converse site HOWEVER, the Australia site still has them as does HAVEN in Canada (Canada for the win!). if all else fails Google the full name of the shoe and you'll find more retailers.

You can wear high tops everywhere, they're just that cool, I've even worn solid white leather Chucks to a formal event (fine, fine, it was a 'Tux & Tennies' theme but a formal evening nonetheless). Wear them with shorts, dresses (especially right now, dresses and sneakers are trending), pre/post-class w/capris or tights, w/skinnies tucked in or slightly rolled, hell, wear them with your bikini and a long kimono to the beach - after all, half of style is attitude, right?!

If brown sneakers aren't your thing, they also come in black and off-white ;)

~xo LDLF