Sunday Reads // Link Love

Well crap. It's already Sunday again annnnnnd there may or may not be a post in between this Sunday's and last. Maybe Sunday's are my forte and I should just stick to writing (finding sanity) on Sundays. We'll see.

First thing I did today is hit up Tidal to listen to/watch Beyonce's new album Lemonade on repeat. I might have done this last night as well. I'm not telling.

Beyonce's New Album: Lemonade // BLOG: Oil & Grain

It's so good it hurts. I've never been a super fan of anything but ladies and gentleman I am coming close to becoming Bey's #1. Stop what you're doing grab some champs and go listen to it immediately.

Naturally my next stop was Man Repeller for 'Ask a French Girl: How to Get Your Shit Together'. Did I figure out how to get my shit together? Absolutely not. Did I find solace in the fact that even skinny french girls don't have their shit together? Absolutely. The post is legit, everyone should read it that has an ounce of thinking having our shit together is realistic or even something we should desire. (Spoiler: it's not.)

I've been trying to con my husband into working with me for a while now. I pitch ideas to him every few weeks or so. Generally he's a no but I think I can break him. So I'm collecting proof that working together can be so super fun and all the cutest couples are doing it (uh, Jay and Bey par exemple). Insert Rachael and Hugh, brains behind the site The Working Pair. This is just ONE of the cool things they created together. Both entrepreneurs working on their own biz they built this website showcasing couples that are workin' on their business together and, wait for it, THEY RAN A PIE BUSINESS TOGETHER. Yes, they baked and sold pies TOGETHER at a Brooklyn market. My poor husband, I'll be pitching something along the lines of The Upstate Rhubarb next.

Sunday Reads: The Upstate Rhubarb // BLOG: Oil & Grain

Fine, I did a little online 'browsing' as well. I'm about to click 'confirm' to order this t-shirt. The Bachelor is one of my top 3 favorite tv shows (no shame) so why wouldn't I get this Will You Accept This Rose tee? had me at the description:

we really love the look of a vintage rose and we really love the bachelor. and then we realized: who doesn't, really? put on this pretty pink tee and go find what you're really looking for.

  • american apparel tee shirt

  • 100% cotton

  • recommend line drying, will shrink in the dryer

  • narrow fit

  • printed in the usa

  • we believe in the bachelor


~sweat fancy

photo cred:, UO Blog,, Man Repeller,