Beyonce's New Activewear Line // Ivy Park

'Where Is Your Park?'

I love Bey (ya, ya, me and everyone else) and I'm really hoping I love her new 200-piece activewear line Ivy Park too - if I can get my hands on it. Ivy Park already has 83k followers on Instagram (don't think Queen B is losing any sleep over Instagram's new algorithms). I don't plan on being trampled at Nordstroms on April 14, nor do I want to hit refresh incessantly on Topshop at midnight waiting for it to go live. But I do want to check it out, especially because the prices are right, $30-$200 is what you're looking at for a piece of Bey. I dig the name and things like this special touch: her leggings will be offered in three styles - “I” = low-rise, “V” = mid-rise, and “Y” = high-rise - "IVY" - see what she did there?! Oh Bey. Right now I'm content to watch the promotional video (below) and pray to the shoe gods that somehow the slides from her collection land on my feet. Oh, and the online banter about her new line is entertaining if you've got some time to waste on the world wide web (check out the commotion about lululemon's tweet).

You're still reading this so I'm assuming you have an extra couple of minutes - go to Ivy Park (on your laptop or desk top) and play along with the cue to "press and hold to swap tracks" - it's a fun time waster, you get a new beat and new images or inspirational sayings like "You Don't Have To Prove Anything To Anyone" (preach girlfriend) "Trust Yourself" (I dig), "FLAWLESS", (duh) "SLAY" (ok) to get you EXTRA excited for her new line (*to note, they're fast flash images so eyes beware).

If I were to make my wishlist right now this hat & hoodie combo are tied for first place. I'm already practicing my 'Bey Face'.

This bodysuit comes in second, I will be wearing it with shorts or a cute high waisted skirt though... not while I'm crushing rings at the gymnastics studio I don't go to.

And of course, here are the slides.



*photo cred: jezebel, vid = youtube