Are Tevas A Thing Again?

Teva tan anyone?! I wore Tevas in elementary. My parents often took me on family hikes that required hiking boots I loved to complain about because they weren't stylish yet I thought that Tevas were & wanted to wear them all the time. What?!

They were also super cool at summer camp ('my Tevas bring all the boys to the cabin' just doesn't have the same ring to it) and amongst guides when I worked for a rafting company in University. Things to note are that outside of these mountain/hippie moments the thought of wearing Tevas did not enter my mind.

Until now.

Now I want a pair and I want them bad. I even want to wear them with socks. I blame Bethany Menzel (photos below) for bringing them to my attention via her recent blog post. After reading it I wandered over to Pinterest & the stylish Teva images I discovered sealed the deal. They're doing collabs with the likes of Nasty GalHonestly WTF (check out the Honestly WTF DIY Kit on my FB page) & Woolrich, staying on top of trends with iridescent styles & shades of lavender.

I guess the final question is, can I wear them with socks?




*photo cred: Teva, Pinterest, Facebook, Bethany Menzel