Share the Love: 5 Things That Piqued My Interest This Week

1. 3 Hormones Your Emotions Rely On - The Chalkboard Mag

Hormones affect our emotions, I think most women have figured that out by now - good read on vitamins and food that affect mood & confidence boosting hormones.

3. Photo Diary: Palm Trees - UO Blog

Did you know the palm is a symbol of peace and victory? Daydream through the photos on the UO blog like I did.

4. These DIY floral curtains - Design Love Fest

Could I pull them off? Not sure the hubs would go for it…

5. Graphics - Leysa Flores

I could wander through her graphic design blog for hours...


*images: The Chalkboard Mag, Design Love Fest, SELF, Leysa Flores, UO Blog