Supply & Demand | New Leggings

Outta the shower and on my mat. It's one of my favorite times to do a self-led practice, I feel squeaky clean, refreshed and warm. I snagged a new pair of leggings recently and I can't get enough of the SUPPLY/DEMAND graphic in classic black and white. They have a mid/high waist, the fabric isn't too heavy so you can rock 'em in a hot yoga or spin class. You can't find these edgy leg huggers just anywhere (supply) but you can find them here (demand)

Supply & Demand has NYC roots, their pieces are affordable, edgy and super street. Definitely check out their gear - crop tops, hoodies, oversize tee's and sweatpants - the bold, simple graphics are timeless, if they suit your personality you'll never tire of them.

Wondering where the mat is from or want some videos or cards for practicing yoga at home? Check out my past blog post here.

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