Nocturnal Workshop Spring/Summer 2016 // 3M Reflective Backpacks

A lover of well made, functional, stylish product (who isn't), Vancouver based Nocturnal Workshop hits it out of the park this season. Their bags are wholly made in Canada and reflective when you need them to be. In addition to their own reflective material, Nocturnal Workshop has added mesh to two of their new releases, the N.3 Backpack and Market Tote Bag. Utilizing an overlay effect, the mesh acts as an amplifier for the reflective fabric; creating micro prisms as light is reflected onto the bag. As a result my love of mesh only grows stronger, it looks badass and functions like a boss.

The military inspired Spring/Summer line is gorgeous. Black, white and olive green = three of my favorite shades. These investment pieces are classic, designs that won't go out of style.

Love appears to be a theme in this post, I also adore a company born out of wicked intentions. Nocturnal Workshop was an idea inspired after a friend was struck by a car while riding their bicycle.  Out of necessity, founders Zach Dabrowski and Tyler Froese searched for a solution to nighttime visibility.  After seeing that there was no solution in the marketplace that involved both form and fashion, the duo decided to create their own line.

Their statement ‘movement within city limits,’ lights me up (see what I did there?). Nocturnal Workshop bags appeal to people who live in metropolitan areas and carry their lives on their backs.  Each bag is created to ensure visibility and withstand the harsher elements however, they are done so without sacrificing style. 

~x sweat fancy


The collection will be available on their website. Canadian stockists include Gravity Pope, Superbored, Litchfield, and Working Title. USA: Aether & Carbon38.

Photos cred: Jeremy Jude Lee // Zach Dabrowski // Modeled by: Olivia Pezzente & Omer Sharif