How is it Friday already? // Let's talk organization

I blinked and it's Friday. Usually I'd be saying WTF but this week I'm feeling mega accomplished. I'm a master of juggling(not well) too many things, being a yes to requests without considering how it will turn my life upside down, and living in a state of indecision about what I want to do when I grow up.

[Case in point I am currently writing this post while listening to potential spin class tracks in between scheduling social media posts, answering the Fedex guy's demanding bangs on my door, unpacking new planters before my husband gets home and asks me for the 99th time when I'm going to have all the plants in their respectful pots and making Kale chips so I stop eating rice crackers and queso when I glance up from my computer and realize I haven't eaten in 5 hours.]

You envy me don't you ;)

So why am I saying that I feel accomplished this week? Because I made some decisions and got into action as opposed to procrastinating (yes, I procrastinate, I'm an over thinker, a perfectionist and I succumb to fear on occasion - that was awful to write out loud but there it is).

What changed:

  • I started calling myself a planner and set up tools to manage my work more effectively + stay organized. No joke I was procrastinating about doing this, instead of endlessly pondering which format would work best for me I just started trying some out. As a result there were moments this week when I had free time without some to-do nagging at me in the back of my mind, it felt weird!
  • I started putting together a portfolio of work I've done, it forced me to celebrate and be proud of the work I've done and grateful for the projects and people who connected me to them.
  • I've gotten my body used to waking up at 630am to go for a run. I decided it was important to start putting me first some days. "Take care of yourself so you can take care of others" is a quote that comes to mind. As a result I already feel accomplished by 8am and have more energy throughout the day. Everything eager beaver morning fitness fans say about working out first thing is true. And it only took my body a week or two to get used to it.
  • I started purging my closet. One month ago I hung a bright red t-shirt on the far left side of my closet. Every time I wore something, I put it back on the left side of the t-shirt. It gave me perspective about what I do and don't wear on a daily basis. I currently have 3 laundry baskets full of clothes to consign and donate. Shoes are next. It was a bit challenging overcoming the guilt of having spent money on pieces and not wearing them, that's why I rarely get rid of stuff, however I'm setting some new rules about what I buy... post coming on that soon. (PS, the bright red t-shirt didn't make the cut.)
  • I forced myself to simply make decisions. Every task or decision presented to me I vowed to "OHIO" - only handle it once. Man did that free up brain space and reduce my anxiety.

These are just the first few steps but I already feel more powerful and ladyboss-esque. I'll keep you posted on what comes next, in the meantime, below are 3 organizational tools I committed to using consistently. You might laugh when you see how simple they are BUT it's crazy how things can shift in the slightest just by using things that have been around forever to stay organized an on track.


Hootsuite - I am using the free version to schedule Instagram posts for clients at the beginning of each week. I was using auto-scheduler Schedugram for a while however I like having a reminder with a post ready pop-up so I can make any adjustments based on what is going on/what comes up in their businesses that week.

File folders - these ones are AH-DOR-A-BLE. Use them for whatever you need, I use them to keep track of my receipts for the tax man.

Get yourself a day planner. I don't care how archaic having apaper planner seems now that everything is on a computer/tablet/iphone. It's easier visually to look at your week/days laid out + just like goal setting if you physically write it down it is more likely to stick aka you will remember to do it.