Do Anywhere Yoga: 15 Minute Sequences // Yoga 15

photo cred: Yoga15

photo cred: Yoga15

I found a new yoga app I like so thought I would share! May I introduce Yoga 15. Founder Abi Carver has created 15 minutes yoga sequences that I can tack onto a workout or squeeze into a busy schedule. She has worked with action sport athletes so she has a good understanding of muscle use/skills necessary for mountain biking, skiing, running, surfing, etc. and in turn what injuries plague participants so her short sessions are useful for both improving performance and recovering from injury.

THE QUICK: what I like:

  • They're short and I can play them on my phone aka they're mobile. It's hard to talk myself out of adding just 15 more minutes to a workout.
  • I can choose what to work on, balance, flexibility, strength, pain relief, relaxation, etc.
  • It's suitable for boys so my husband and I can do it together aka I trick him into some forced bonding time.
  • She addresses breathing techniques, cues on alignment and triggers form corrections with little fluff. 
  • She does the sequence and narrates it but not at the same time, which I really like. (She is not talking while doing, her voice is edited in, so she's essentially teaching herself the class if that makes sense...)
  • She has a great Pose Library useful for any yoga class you go to.
  • She's adorable and her accent is fun to listen to.

THE DIRTY: You can try out some of the sequences for free, then you are required to pony up some cash. For about $20 you gain access to 15 or so sequences. That's almost 4 hours of yoga for $20 and most 60 minute drop-ins at a studio are around $22. There are about 9 different 'types' to choose from, each with around 15 sequences in each so lots of options. 

There is a lot of free yoga on the web however I found it time consuming to search out a video/instructor that I liked, so far the Yoga 15 app/website is working for what I need!

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~Sweat Fancy!