The Most Stylish Super Bowl Ever


If that doesn't get you fired up for Super Bowl 50, Nike's Super Bowl 50 Nike Gold Collection will.

Touted as the 'Greatest Super Bowl Ever', the 50th anniversary game is back in Cali and the events and promotions are well underway. Nike has definitely caught my attention with their Super Bowl capsule (I am still waiting for their phone call to do the Oil & Grain Gold edition, maybe in 2017...) and one of my top ten favorite sweat style bloggers, Adrianne Ho, is showing it off in the badass way she always does. Super Bowl fans, check out shots of her + my "what you need to be wearing on Sunday to rep the Super Bowl in the fly-ist way possible list" below.

You all know if it was appropriate to cover myself in gold all day every day I would. No surprise I'm shaking with excitement at the sight of these kicks!


Oil & Grain Greatest Super Bowl Ever copy.jpg

MEN (I didn't forget about you): WHAT YOU NEED:

sweat fancy ~xo L