Doing Yoga // New Mat

For those who have gone to a yoga class with me, you know I've had the same mat for a while now. Like, a long while. Some may even say too long. I'm happy to report that I've taken the leap and purchased a new mat! One for me and one for my husband, both from Vagabond Goods. The designs are sharp and colorful and the grip is decent. Both mats are a little slimmer than standard mats, I haven't noticed it at all when I practice and really, they take up less room in the studio and at home so I can't complain! They are also a bit thicker, something I was looking for in a new mat. If you're in the market for a new mat, I'm digging mine and can definitely recommend picking one up!

The meditation book and yoga position cards are both from Urban Outfitters. I really like having the cards when practicing at home, I simply lay them out in the order I want to do the poses in. They are numbered so you can do them in order or at random!