How To Cut A Muscle Tank | EASY

Muscle tanks are a closet staple, not only do they show off sexy shoulders and a little bit of side bod, they're also forgiving in their loose nature = win-win. 

Oh, and you can make them yourself, seriously, there is no downside to this style! I wear it to workout in, teach in, over swimsuits, out for dinner, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

I've been asked to post about how I cut my muscle tanks so here she be. All you need is a t-shirt or long sleeve to cut (duh), scissors (double duh), measuring tape, and pen/pencil/piece of chalk.

This tutorial is for anyone who does NOT have a muscle tank that they love and want to replicate. *If you have a muscle tank that you already love, just lay it flat over the t-shirt you want to cut and cut about 1cm - 1 inch out from/away from the edge of the template tank. When you stretch the armholes out after cutting them the fabric rolls into itself so you need to account for that with a little extra fabric.

If you do NOT have a muscle tank you love, this will be your template muscle tank that you can use to cut future tanks! (These are kind of detailed instructions, you could just disregard and chop some armholes out and hope for the best, I've done that as well ;)

STEP 1: Put the shirt on and find the widest part of your chest (aka your boobs). You are determining how much of your front body you want the tank to cover. Put one end of the measuring tape where you want the armhole edge to be on the left side of your body, bring it across the widest part of your chest to where you want the armhole edge to be on the right side of your body, take note of the measurement and add 2 inches to it - trust me. (In this photo I decided I wanted the front of the shirt to cover 12.5" across my chest, so the number I make note of is 14.5" , and yes I have teeny tatas). 

*While you have your shirt on, also make note of where the widest point of your chest is - you can make a mark if you are using chalk or something erasable, I just used a spot on the lightening bolt as a point of reference. The widest part of my chest was 4" down from the tip of the lightening bolt (photo below).

STEP 2: Fold your shirt in half making sure everything is flat + even + all of the seams on the shirt line up. Divide the first measurement you took of your chest by 2 (mine was 14.5", so my new number is 7.25"). Find the point on the shirt that indicated where the widest part of your chest is (mine was 4" from the top of the lightening bolt), place your measuring tape along that imaginary line and measure your divided number from the centre fold out towards the edge of your shirt - I'm really making this sound confusing - check out the photo below, I lined up the measuring tape horizontally 4" below the tip of the lightening bolt aka the widest point of my chest and I measured 7.25" from the CENTRE FOLD out to the edge of the shirt. Make a mark. 

The point of this step is to figure out how far in you will cut. 

STEP 3: Still with me? Take your measuring tape and place it on the top of your shoulder (on your own body) where the shoulder seam of a t-shirt would be. Measure how long you want the armhole to be - the longer the measurement the deeper the armhole will be aka the more skin you'll show. I decided I wanted mine to be about 12-14" so I stayed on the conservative side and measured 12" on the shirt and made a mark on the outer seam. *Your shirt will stretch out a bit over time especially if it's a thinner fabric and you can always cut more off but you can't put the fabric back on!

STEP 4: Decide how wide you want the shoulder 'straps' to be. This is definitely personal preference and depends on your body type. This is actually what irks me about manufactured muscle tanks, the 'straps' are always a little too wide for my liking.

Put the t-shirt on and make a mark on the seam where you want the shoulder cut to begin (yes, I just realized this could have been part of 'Step 1'). I just measured 3" out from the collar in the photo below because I'd cut a similar shirt right before and that was how wide I had cut that one.

STEP 5: Either mark off a curved dotted line from the 'collar/armhole start' mark to the 'chest width' mark to the 'bottom of the armhole' mark to cut along or just freestyle your cut and chop from the 'collar/armhole start' mark to the 'chest width' mark to the 'bottom of the armhole' mark. 

*Your cut does NOT need to be perfect, the reason I fold the shirt and cut is so at the very least both armholes are the same, that's what matters. If the cut is choppy or oddly curved it's ok, after you cut you are going to pull at all edges of the newly cut armhole to stretch the fabric out a little so it starts to curl in on itself hiding any scissor imperfections!

See how the fabric is starting to curl in on itself below? I pulled at the armholes a bit and it started right away. It will increase over time with wear too. 

TADA! Muscle tank cutting extravaganza = complete!

Sweat fancy y'all ~xo L