BOXER BRAIDS | Workout Hairstyle

Boxing clubs are popping up this year as another form of boutique fitness (thanks models) and I dig it. I'm currently on the hunt for a local gym in SA - stay tuned for details on how that goes - in the meantime, I'm going to practice the sassy yet practical hair style that for some goes hand in hand with the sport; "boxer braids". Not only do they make you look badass, they're seriously practical for sweaty, high impact activities - your locks are stayin' put & out of your face (I realize this removes the old 'I have to fix my hair' excuse used to take a break in class - c'mon we've all done it - but hey, we'll be better for it)

Boxer Braids

How-to: simply part your hair in the middle and french braid each side! Now if you're like me and not as well versed in the art of french braiding as you'd like here's a quick french braid tutorial (I found her tip about using an elastic at the start particularly useful).


  • Braid your hair when it's wet and if your hair get a little frizzy from time to time, put in some anti-friz product pre-braid. Take your hair out after class and you'll have a stunner of wavy hairstyle!
  • Braid it tight for your workout, you can always loosen it up for a cute post-workout look like the blondie above.
  • Do dutch braids, they pop out more (see photos below) - it's the same a french braid except you weave the sections of hair under each other vs. over. 
Boxer Braids How To Collage

If you don't have a club near you, here is a great post from The Chalkboard Mag with Boxing 101 tips to get you started on your new favourite workout!

~xo L