The Tolerable Workout That Burns Calories & Improves Performance | 10-20-30

Burn calories & improve performance in just 12 minutes! The 10-20-30 Workout | Oil & Grain

The 10-20-30 method isn't new (Runner's World published an article about it 3 years ago) but with all the hype about interval training going on in the workout world it's the talk of the town. I tried it out earlier this week and I really liked it. I find it difficult to stick to a consistent fitness routine in the summer, so I Iove workouts that are simple, fun and that I can sneak in at any time with little planning or do anywhere (on vacation for example). This workout checks all the boxes! In addition, the 10-20-30 workout can be adapted to any fitness level. Beginners through high performance athletes, pregnant babes and even kids! Oh, and it's obviously more fun with friends, make it a social experience and your workout will seem like a breeze!

Several studies have shown that HIIT (high intensity interval training) is effective at burning calories and improving performance. A recent New York Times article describes why the 10-20-30 method may work better than other HIIT training methods. Standouts for me include: it's tolerable - doing 10 seconds of high intensity work vs. say 30 seconds or a few minutes is easier to 1. convince ourselves into doing it and 2. to committing it to our regular fitness routines, it's simple to remember and it can be done with any form of cardio - running, cycling, elliptical, stairs, whatever is available - all you need is a timing device! And let's be honest, if Harley Pasternak says it works, it must ;)

10-20-30 Workout Oil & Grain

THE WORKOUT (I'll use running for this example):

Warm up (I'm a big fan of dynamic warm-ups combined with about a 1/2 a mile of easy jogging)

  • 30 seconds of low intensity jogging - you could carry on a conversation at this pace.
  • 20 seconds at a moderate pace - this is bit faster than your usual pace, your heart rate should be UP.
  • 10 seconds of full on sprinting. Seriously, leave it all on the table. 
  • REPEAT this 1 minute cycle 4 more times for a total of 5 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes (walk around, slow jog - keep moving) and then repeat.

That's it! Just 12 minutes of your life. If you have more time, add a couple more sets, why not?!


~xo L