A Touch of Cowgirl | STAMPEDE STYLE

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has arrived in my hometown and even though I'm missing it this year, I'm pondering how to channel my inner cowgirl for the duration of the 10 days without looking like a lost Stampede Queen. Whether you're in town for the fun/regret filled week or not, the styles I pulled off of my second love, Pinterest, are timeless and classy. These looks are great for Stampede week if you're not interested in walking around dressed like Annie Oakley and also perfect for any day of the week all summer long.

What I love:

  • Denim skirts. I like 'em a little torn (One Teaspoon nails this) and love the longer lengths that are trending this year.
  • Plaid shirts (Rails has epic ones) + denim + heels. Talk about a #classycowgirl.
  • Bandanas. If you're adept at styling one as an adorable headband (here's a tutorial) do it. Around the neck looks fab too!
  • Anything rawhide. On bags and shoes.
  • Overalls. I've loved them since I was born.
  • Detailing - lace, fringe, embroidery. These can sneakily "westernize" an outfit!


~xo L


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