Wedding Etiquette 101: Social Media Do's and Don'ts

~ A guest post by one of my best, she who never ceases to amaze, Alix Williams. Editor of Calgary Bride and Luxe by Calgary Bride as well as the Editor-At-Large of If you need anything wedding, I insist you check out these sites & blogs. Immediately.

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It's high wedding season. If you didn't attend a wedding this weekend - you had one last weekend, or you have one next weekend. And with weddings all over the place, let's be honest - it's a Pinterest world, and we're just living in it. So as we spend the summer helping our friends celebrate a lifetime of love, it's a great time to review a few basic phone photography and social media wedding etiquette pointers. What's appropriate to photograph and share, and what's not? Check out The Shot List after the jump. 

  • If a couple asks you to put your phone away during the ceremony, do it. There is nothing as important as the wedding ceremony you're about to witness. No, not even Caturday on The Chive (although, I've been tempted myself). Respecting the couple's wishes is the easiest, most respectful gift you could give them. Especially when you think about how feisty you're about to get on the dance floor. 
  • Despite what you've heard, live tweeting the ceremony isn't really fun at all. Not only is it awkward for other guests (you're ignoring them by staring at your phone) but you'll probably miss more of the wedding than you'll actually see. Plus a wedding ceremony is not the best place to get frustrated with Autocorrect. 
  • Same goes for Periscoping the speeches at the Reception - it's a no go. The only caveat to this social media rule is if there's a friend who's out of town who can't make the wedding. Periscope to your heart's content! 
  • If the wedding couple has a hashtag, use it (when it's appropriate, natch). Couples come up with wedding hashtags so they can revisit all of their guest's photos in the days after their wedding - there're so many moments that the lucky couple misses during the night, this is your chance to share a few memories. 
  • Snapchat the goods - if the midnight snack just hit the table, then heck yes, Snapchat a photo to all your friends at the reception. That pizza needs to be eaten! 
  • If you're posting post-wedding, then there's no shame in giving your photos a quick facelift, especially the mystery photos you discover on your phone the next morning. VSCOcam and Afterlight give you a great range of options for custom, beautiful looking photos that will be get you a bajillion Likes. But use your best judgement and be a good friend - don't go posting anything that would make anyone cringe, no matter how funny you think it is. 
The Shot List

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