A Sweet Message From Jill

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Our love for fashion, sweat, Pinterest, style and each other still exists but our journey with O&G as a dynamic duo is coming to an end!  We started this project together with a vision in mind and over the year great opportunities in both of our lives have come up which has led to the decision for Leah to take on Oil & Grain solo.  As much as I miss my daily sweat dates and pizza hang outs with this girl, her and her hubby are exploring a very cool opportunity together and LL is taking on what she does best south of the border.  San Antonio you are so luck to have her! 

For myself, I have become very involved in our two bike shops we own in Calgary.  My current role and involvement with our businesses has changed over the past 6 months taking much more of my time and efforts than this time last year.  I am incredibly blessed to wake up and work hard at a business that I love, building relationships with others who are passionate about cycling and everything else that comes with it.  I have therefore made the decision to really focus on and commit to our bike shops versus coming home from work and spreading myself too thin.  I know that seeing success in a project comes from putting your heart and soul into it and right now my passion and efforts are with our bike shops!  I get to work with incredible people and not only grow my skills running a business but also connect with people who share the same passion for cycling as I do.

As Leah and I took this on together as a partnership I want to be able to contribute equally and work just as hard at is as she does, so right now our lives are both incredibly exciting but it is just not the right time in our lives to tackle this together.  She will continue to blow your socks off with her witty personality and adventures in Texas or wherever her travels take her next!  So thank you friends near and far for your love and support following us crazy brunettes together!  Stay tuned for my favourite gal to keep you fit and stylish;)




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