Back In The Saddle

With Joyride (my local indoor cycling studio of choice in San Antonio) opening their second location , I obviously had to celebrate by picking up a new outfit! You're supposed to do that, right? Get new outfits for Grand Openings of, well, anything? I swear I've heard that before. There are about nine thousand things I love about these pieces but I'll give you my number 1 for each:

Nike Cropped Tank - black & white polka dots tied with the fact that it's cropped annnnnd has a muscle tank cut. *Ok that was 3 things, but seriously, I love all 3 equally. 

lululemon sweaty or not bra - the macrame looking design on the back. Not only does it look vintage-sassy, it's acts as ventilation. This bra also doesn't make me look like I have total uniboob and it has a higher cut. Oh - and the white one has gold detailing on it - I was speechless when I saw it (did I go back to the store to get it in white?, For my sake, I will not make an official comment on that knowing that my husband might read this post).

*Fine, fine, that's also 3 things. I'm officially switching to giving you my top 3 for each item. 

lululemon running in the city 7/8 tights - 1. High waisted, like reaaalllly high waisted, so they're great for spinning + circuit classes. 2. Mesh. There's literally mesh covering about 3/4 of the back of both (duh) legs which means cool + coverage and there's funky mesh detailing on the front. 3. Exterior waist pockets. There are about 3 pockets along the back of the waistband that hold keys, cards or my phone snuggly and comfortably. I'm looking forward to wearing these running when the temp falls under 100 degrees in SA again ;)

Oil & Grain - sweat style July 2015 // Nike + lululemon

 ***If you are in SA and haven't checked it out JOYRIDE yet, classes are free Aug 1-8 at Alon - I highly recommend taking advantage!!!

See you on the bike

~xo L


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