Girl Convinces Self To Get On Treadmill For 20 Minutes When Sun Is Calling

I think it's because I lived in a city for 30 years where hot, sunny days make up about 20% of the year. If that. Seriously.

Working out on a perfect sunny day is the last thing I want to do sometimes. What I really want to do is grab my bikini, water (or let's be honest, Rosé), trendy Pendleton beach towel, some mags or a good book and hit the pool. From morning to night, I could sit there alllll day long. In the pool, out of the pool, in the pool, out of the pool… never gets old to me!

But that unfortunately, does not a bikini body make. This workout on the other hand, does! 20 minutes, that's all I'm preaching here. This workout is just a base, change the speed and incline depending on where you're at with your running - you know your body best! The most important thing is to really push yourself when you're doing a speed interval. Get out of your comfort zone, that's where the magic happens (at least that's what inspirational quotes tell me), actually though, if you ain't sweatn' heart pounding, lung screaming bullets then you might not get the results you want. And really, this is just 20 minutes, and intervals are 30-60 seconds - we (are supposed to) brush our teeth for longer than that!



*I also love to throw in an ab workout on the daily - no matter how much time I have - check out my 5 minute ab workout for some inspiration! 

#sweatfancy crew!

~xo L