SUMMER | Makeup & Skincare Routine

Being an instructor means I'm gettin' sweaty a couple of times a day and as a result my skin takes a bit of a beating being washed and made up a few time a day. I definitely strive to keep my daily beauty routine simple, and I'm feeling pretty solid about my current routine so I thought I'd share it with y'all today!

Here's the skin-ny (see what I did there?) on what's living in my my beauty kit this spring/summer:

Beauty Bag // Spring/Summer '15

Face: *Important** Always put sunscreen on! I suggest finding a sunscreen that is made specifically for use on your face and that caters to your skin type (oily/dry/you get the idea). This is something I didn't do for a long time and as cute as some think my freckles are, my doctor consistently gives me a disapproving look every time I walk into her office with new freckles. 

Cleansers: Before bed I use a cleanser from Evan Healy. However before and after workouts I use cleansing wipes, they're super easy to use and store well in my gym bag.

Moisturizer: I just started using Evan Healy products. They are made up of plant-based, certified organic ingredients, her philosophy is that the less we interfere with our skin's natural balance the better. I'm all for it. If consuming processed foods is bad for us, it only makes sense to me that absorbing chemical filled products via our skin is not too good for our bodies either. 

Makeup: I am in love with Bobbi Brown's corrector. The woman is a genius! It disguises any redness or discolouration I have with barely any product. I I then use a light smattering of liquid foundation to even everything out and away I go!.


I've been using this Garnier eye roller for years. I get dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get and this bad boy de-puffs and covers it up like magic!

The name of this mascara says it all 'high impact extreme volume mascara'. I love it and again, have been using it for years.

For my brows, I use Tweezerman tweezers and tart'e Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse to fill in and add definition and shape. I love it, it's waterproof and my brows look just as good after a workout!


I love me some bronzer! I alternate between using a pressed powder (Clinique) and these contour sticks. Ok, so I know I've said I love other products in this post but I LOVE these sticks. They're magical. It's basically a toned down version of what the Kardashians do. There's a contour stick, a bronzer stick and a highlighter. They come in a single package that includes a how-to guide for a variety of face shapes and a sharpener. It's super simple and quick, you just draw and blend. 


I used to wash  my hair every day. When I discovered it's better for your hair to leave a day or two in between washes, my inner lazy girl rejoiced! Nowadays I only wash it about twice a week (and I sweat 1-2 times daily… don't get too grossed out). It took about a month for my hair to get used to this new routine, I have fine hair and it used to get greasy looking quickly when I washed it daily. Now it takes a couple of days to start looking a little dirtbag-ish and that's where the Bumble & Bumble comes in, it's part dry shampoo, part volume booster. A fine-haired girl's dream ;)

The Wet Brush. Get it. Untangles long hair in the nicest way possible, even when wet.


I've never touched another self tanner after trying St. Tropez bronzing mousse. My biggest piece of advice is to get the application mit and to really rub it in - not aggressively, but rub it in like your rubbing in lotion otherwise you risk unevenness or streaking.

One of my fab gf's introduced me to using Old Spice. Yes, it's a men's antiperspirant, however I like the smells a lot more than some of the women's scents (enough with the baby powder already!) and it's stronger because it's for stinky boys. Win win.

If you have an skincare or makeup favourites and/or tips, leave them in the comments below!

~xo L