Homemade Oreo Cookies | For The Win

No these are not the healthiest cookies but they are the tastiest!  And sometimes we break the rules too.  My girlfriends that I bake with are the same friends that I run with, so really it all balances itself out in the end!  These gooey homemade Oreo cookies are insanely delicious and so so easy to make.  Here is what you need:

- 2 boxes of cake mix

- 4 eggs

- 3/4 cup of Canola oil

- cream cheese & icing sugar (for the icing)

- Oreo cookies - this is to flavour the icing (*if you want to **see description below)

- oven set to 350 degrees

homemade oreo cookies

Seriously these are to die for!  3 simple ingredients for the cookie and you have the most delicious treat anyone could ask for!  EGG, CANOLA OIL and CAKE MIX!  

Mix together the cake mix, eggs and canola oil together until all clumps dissapear and ingredients are fully blended.  Grab a ordinary spoon and depending on the side of cookie you want to make start spooning out the cookie into consistent size balls to place on bake tray.  We made each ball about a tablespoon or so which made a fairly generous size cookie.  The image below shows the size of the cookie after they were taken out of the oven.  There are 16 balls on this sheet and 16 on the other baking sheet.  Put the first half of the Oreo Cookie into the oven to cook and then get started on mixing together the icing for the middle.  They only need 8 minutes in the oven to bake!

homemade oreo cookies

All you need for the icing is cream cheese, icing sugar and we crumbled up Oreo cookies for a little extra Oreo flavour:) You can do whatever you like for the icing though, another favourite for icing flavour is mint!  We did not measure out any of these ingredients - use your taste buds!

Once your 8 minutes is up take the first round of cookies out of the oven and let cool for a few minutes.  Once they are cooled start icing the middle of your oreo cookies and then place the other half of the cookie on top.  Then go ahead and put the other cookies into the oven and just like that you have the most delicious homemade Oreo cookies!


We cut the recipe in half which made about 16 cookies still - so if you know you have a weak spot and won't be able to eat just one this is a great suggestion so they aren't lingering in your household for too long!