Tying a jacket around your waist isn't just for your little kid self or your dad anymore. The first time I wrapped a plaid shirt around my waist in an attempt to bring a third-piece (more to come on that) to my outfit I cringed a little. Memories flooding back at me from my childhood, watching my dad tie his sweatshirt too high around his waist - "babe, look at the practicality of it!" - as my mom made me tie my own jacket around my waist. Which was SO far from cool at the time.

Fast forward 20 years and here I am, happily tying any article of clothing with long sleeves around my waist. Jill and I adore this look! It's like the icing on a cake; it adds a little pizazz to a standard outfit, completes it, gives it a more interesting and put together look. Plus, as my father says, it does indeed have practicality to it. This slick addition to your outfit can take you from day to night/warm to cool weather, and it's perfect to throw on as you cool down after a workout.

Below, some style inspiration. Happy tying!


photo cred: Blair Marie Photography, theyallhateus, Pinterest, Sincerely Jules, Harper & Harley.

Oh, and it is VERY cool for kids to tie on one too ;) - love the look from one of our fave brands Little Citizens!