Calling All Wedding Guests | LOOK # 2

This is a look I adore this season and if it is done right you will be the best dressed guest at that wedding!  The high waisted and crop top style is definitely the look I will be going for as a guest this wedding season.  A few things to keep in mind when you are putting this outfit together.  

#1 - you are a guest at a wedding so keep it classy.  Very little mid-drift please!  Make sure your outfit is tasteful and there is just a tiny bit of drift visible.  

#2 - make sure you are comfortable in this look.  Choose a skirt that is right for you.  If a really fitted skirt ain't your thing than keep your eyes open for a fun tulle skirt or a nice light, longer maxi skirt (outfit inspiration and options available below).

# 3 - we all know the white rule for weddings, but a pop of white whether it being the skirt, top or purse is acceptable in my mind.  I love the neutral look so much (white, black, beige, light pink).  A combination of these shades is such a timeless look and will provide you with pieces that you can wear over and over again.

O&G - Wedding Season: Skirt & Crop Top

I have left you with a whole lot of outfit inspiration below if you are wondering just how to nail this look;)  I have also left you with links below if you are in the shopping mood!  Scroll through images below and with a click of a button this look is for you to own this wedding season! 

PINTERST PINTERST PINTEREST!  Seriously spending some time on Pinterest will always help you put something together. Check out these babes below and get inspired to put together that perfect outfit for all your weddings ahead.

Seriously, every guy will be begging to be your date this season!  Keep it classy ladies.

xoxo J.