Soooooo it's been raining and cloudy for what feels like years in San Antonio! Ok fine, months…. fine, fine weeks - and that's not an exaggeration ;) My passion for running has meant that even though mother nature isn't cooperating I am still hitting the pavement. *Disclaimer: the real reason might be because I made a deal with myself when I bought this jacket, I could justify it's purchase if I got out every day rain or shine.* And it's paid off (unfortunately?)!

Either way, the Miss Misty II from lululemon is the I'm obsessed with marbling right now, and this jacket nails the look! Stylish and functional it's light as a feather, wind and water resistant yet well ventilated, the hood tucks away into the collar (which also gives great structure to the collar), it has reflectivity strategically placed and stows away into it's own pocket - helloooo 21st century K-way! It's online in the USA (I couldn't find it online on the Canadian site) and I purchased it in store very recently - there were several different designs/colors to choose from

As luck would have it, I have a great pair of Nike Free 4.0 Flyknits that go perfectly with the jacket (shocking, I know). I'm a fan of flyknits, they're really well ventilated and super flexible. I don't do long distances in them but they're great for cross training and I'll use them for shorter runs…. and to create a badass sport luxe outfit #obvy.

As much as I love black & white I often throw a bright colour into the mix, especially when it comes to workout apparel. My closet is full of Run: Speed Shorts from lululemon. I recommend the 4-way stretch ones because they have a little more give and flexibility. They're a shorter style and lululemon has heaps of short options, especially at this time of year, in different lengths. I love the pockets and built in undies in these shorts, the lining stops them from riding up when I run #nomoreselfwedgies #win

~xo L