Giving Keys

The first time I have heard or seen a Giving Key was in September, 2014.  A bunch of of girls were out for dinner for our friend who was turning 29 and also going through a pretty big life change.  One of our very thoughtful friend's gave her a Giving Key Necklace that says "love"" on it.  About 6 weeks later the same group of girls were at another B-day party and the gift was passed on.  And that is what these keys are all about.  Once the message has served it's purpose for you, pay it forward to inspire another.

Take a moment to read the whole story about The Giving Keys and watch a few of the videos and stories told by real people for your daily fill of inspiration.

The keys all started with an old New York City hotel key.  The Founder Caitlin Crosby wore it originally as a necklace and this is where she got the idea to engrave words of inspiration on old keys to pass along a message to others - she wanted these keys to have a renewed purpose over and over again.

The keys also come in the form of bracelets, with the same idea, to share with people you meet along the way in life.

Spring and summer time seems to be the time of year we are celebrating all the time.  Baby season is in full force, we have a  birthday party every weekend to attend and it is the season of weddings.  Keep these beauties of a gift in mind when you are celebrating with friends and family this spring and summer!  These keys are definitely one to be remembered and cherished by those you share with.

Pass it on!  Pass along some love, encouragement and inspiration to someone in your life and continue to keep "giving".

// The above 3 photos from The Giving Keys & The Darling Magazine //


Links to a selection of The Giving Keys below. Several retailers carry them, you can find one near you here. Nordstroms also has a great selection and of course, their website does too!