Weekend Ready | STRIPE STYLE

Alright Canada, you just got a taste of what long weekends are all about and south of the border, you're about to get a feel for what summertime extended weekends have in store!

Repeat after me: stripes, cut-offs, white & Converse. Stripes are season-less, cut-offs are a summer staple, Converse = closet essential and as we mentioned earlier this spring, white is the new black #enoughsaid. Accessorize with functional, neutral pieces that you can wear with multiple outfits like badass black Ray-bans and a slick, white Herschel bag (if you're like us, cruising is on your summertime to-do list, a backpack comes in mega handy for biking around your city!).


There are heaps of options to choose from when deciding on the type of bike you need to get you around the city. If you are looking for something with more gears, a little lighter in weight and skinnier tires, I strongly recommend you check out Brooklyn Bicycles.  These bikes are ideal for the Urban lifestyle and of course have a pretty rad look to them as well.  If you are wanting something a little more laid back, comfy and maybe a basket on the front then take a look at Electra .  They have several different models, colours and patterns to choose from with incredible accessories to finish off your style.  If you are here right in #yyc The Cyclepath Calgary has 2 locations in the city that carry both of these lines.  Otherwise go directly to the websites above to find the dealer closest to you ;)


Better yet, check your closet, you might be surprised at how many pieces you already have to throw together an outfit like this! Erm, and if you pull out your sneakers from last season (or wore them all dirty winter like I did) and find they're not as white as you remember, check out our tips on how to clean your Converse.