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Meet Jenny & Stella.  Jenny is my older sister (18 months older) and Stella is my one and only beautiful niece ( 21 months old).  Jenny is the brains and the beauty behind Little Citizens which launched in December 2014 and of course her little Stelly is the reason she put her talents to work and started designing this incredible line for new borns and up to 3 years of age.  

Jenny has been a lover of fashion her entire life but in a way that is elegant, classy and also very simple.  She has this skill to make anything look so pretty in the simplest ways.  Whether it is a Birthday or Christmas present she is wrapping, or card she is making for someone (yes she always makes her own cards because she doesn't ever like ones she finds in the card aisle) or event she is hosting.  There is no one else in this world I know who cares about the details more than this one does.  I have spent countless nights trying to stay awake to help her with various crafts she is putting together for someones party because to her the details matter and she won't stop working until she has it absolutely perfect!!  What this girl loves most in the world is making people feel special - Little Citizens has been her outlet to do just that for the last 2 years.  When you get a Little Citizen's package in the mail it's not just an adorable outfit thrown in a box, she has stayed up late the night before ironing every item for you, wrapping it in tissue paper and putting it in her very own stamped clean, crisp white box with a little treat for you to enjoy.  And to top it off she has cards for you to select if it is a gift to make it a completely finished package for that special someone you are buying for!  She takes the work off your hands because she cares so much and wants the person to truly enjoy their Little Citizen experience from start to finish.

On June 22nd 2013 our very special Stella Laily (pictured above) was born in Vancouver, BC.  Once again my sister continues to inspire me every single day as I watch her become a mother who lives such a full life.  I couldn't even tell you how many times Stella has been on a airplane but it is a lot; Jenny is the modern mamma and her baby girl has never once slowed her down.  As Jenny spent countless hours shopping online and in boutiques she struggled finding basics and well-made staples for Stella.  She wanted simple pieces that were versatile, not pink and frilly but pieces that the modern mom would buy for herself.  And after hundreds of name ideas being tossed around her husband Ali came up with Little Citizens and it was # 1 on all of our lists!  Little Citizens has come to life and is a line of calming colours, soft breathable fabrics and gender neutral prints and pieces for your little ones.  Every item is made right in Vancouver either in a factory not far from Jenny's condo or right in her living room.  Yes that is right at 31 years of age Jenny went back to take sewing lessons and sews all of the accessories right at her dining room table.  Each piece is made with exceptional care and a whole lot of love.  All because Jenny cares so darn much;) 

I have had the opportunity to be a part of this journey with my sister and this weekend we couldn't be more excited to share Little Citizen's with you here in Calgary, AB.  Jenny moved from Calgary to Vancouver a few years ago for work and her now husband was living there, so Calgary holds a very special place in her heart and has very close friends and family who have supported her from the beginning here in Calgary.  Since Little Citizen's has launched she has mailed countless gifts to the prairies and can't wait to meet some of those people and of course introduce Little Citizen's to those new mom's who may not have experience it before.  On March 28th and 29th at the BMO Centre Stampede park we will have a Little Citizen's booth set up at the 2015 Baby & Tot Show.  Admission ins $12.00 and kids under 12 are free.  You can purchase ticket's online to save $2.00 and the line up when you get there;)  We will be there from 9:30am - 5:30pm on Saturday and 11:00am - 5:00pm on Sunday.  Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you soon:)

for more information check out Jenny and her website at or follow her on Instagram at @littlecitizensapparel

moccasins in photos also made in Canada based out of Vancouver - minimoc

{photos by Jessica Hunter Photography & graphic design by Courtney Mcneil }