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inspired by the question "how did you two meet" our radiant friend and fellow blogger, the recently published and incredibly talented Katherine Tetz created fridaynightchronicles.com. watching Katie take action in her life, seeing her writing career evolve and joyfulness metric sky rocket we couldn't resist asking her to do a guest post on our blog. oh, and she's a stylish babe too. below she vulnerably shares how she got 'unstuck' and crossed the threshold into 'chasing dreams and taking steps'. get ready to be inspired!

~xo L & J

Friday Night Chronicles

[“the first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are” - John Pierpont Morgan]

July 18, 2013. I’m not good with years or dates. I only know this was the day because I found the piece of paper I had scribbled on during an afternoon with three coworkers. Mid summer. Mid twenties. A couple hours before I had to go to work.

I was kind of lost. I was standing still.

The question was posed - What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?

I had heard that question many times before. But for some reason that afternoon the real honest answer came up - or maybe it had been there all along and I was finally ready to listen to it.

lululemon will call this kind of work goal setting. Danielle Laporte might call it Desire Mapping. My writing mentor would call it intention setting. This particular question is Brian Tracy’s; he calls this work the Psychology of Achievement. My dad has a bucket list. My mom has a vacation planner. I dabble in all of the above.

I’m as into personal development and making my life as rad as possible as I am going out on friday nights. I guess you could say I found a way to blend the two.

So July 18th. Two summers ago. I got really honest with that question.

“I would be our generations Candace Bushnell. I want to be recognized in a magazine as our generations Carrie Bradshaw.” Own it!!

I had also heard the follow up question many times before. “What’s one thing you could do that would be a step in the right direction?”

I don’t think it so much matters what small step you take - it’s just the act of taking a step.

My favorite university professor who I met in 2006, and now my writing mentor and as I like to call her, my life coach, taught me a really important lesson: So often we get stuck in a spot where all we’re doing is debating to take path A or path B. We weigh the pros and cons, second guess ourselves, and let fear [of a million things] stop us from making a choice. We think that the big decision is whether we choose A or B.

But the truth is, the real decision is just making A decision. Any decision. What matters is pulling the trigger.

Because nothing is going to happen if you stand still. At least if you choose B, and it turns out to be shit, you can course-correct. You learn something. You’re going somewhere.

My small step was sending my university professor an email to see if she was still teaching writing workshops.

[She is - http://www.languageofyoga.com/]

There were thousands of other tiny choices and steps along the way. But what amazes me is how much ease there was in all of this. As soon as I took that first step, things started rolling.

Today I’m in a celebratory state of mind because I was just published for the first time, I write for Swagger Communications [http://swaggerco.com/], I’m a contributor to Branded Magazine, and someone from the Sun just contacted me about freelancing. Last night I started to put together a portfolio. Things are rolling, one step at a time.

Branded Magazine called me “Calgary’s Carrie Bradshaw.”That’s pretty damn close to what I scribbled down two summers ago.

And all I’m doing is being me, writing about what I want to write about, and saying yes to people, opportunities and connections. It can be that simple.

Someone else who is chasing dreams and taking tiny steps is my friend & photographer Nina. @ninavis [www.ninavisphoto.com]

We got together this winter because a) I was freaking out and feeling really self conscious about a magazine photo shoot I had just done and b) I wanted to capture this time of my life with more than just selfies. I wanted photos that felt like me, in my condo, in my belongs-on-a-beach wardrobe.

I have a mini freakout every time I hit “publish” on my blog and Nina has a mini freakout every time she puts her images out into the world. Of course we do. We’re human. We’re girls taking paths a little less traveled and a little more risky.

But being able to express who we are creatively, and that feeling I have right now which I’m pretty sure is my heart going YES YES YES ... these things make it all so worth it.


friday night chronicles

Nina Vis captures Katie's cozy-meets-California style so perfectly. (talk about natural talent!) to see more work from Nina Vis Photography click here.

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