Modern Halloween Decor | PUMPKINS

There is no rule saying decor, pumpkins for example, need to be black and orange in preparation for Halloween. I hunted down some pumpkin alternatives on Pinterest, below are a few of my favourites that appear to be totally doable for the DIY rookie (*ahem, me). Enjoy!

1. Ombre pumpkin // 2. Southwest pumpkins (a vinyl stencil could be useful for this one, I also like that the stem is painted the same colour as the rest of the pumpkin) // 3. Push pin pumpkin (yup, just press some push pins into the pumpkin!)

4. Carved Pineapple (I LOVE this pumpkin alternative!) // 5. Matte black pumpkin #badass // 6. Succulent pumpkins

7. Tribal pumpkins // 8. Decoupage pumpkin // 9. Spell-out-a-word pumpkins // 11. Confetti (washi tape) pumpkins (washi tape comes in heaps of patterns and colours) // 11. Bling Pumpkins (buy gems from a craft store, glue 'em on)

And if you love to carve… 12. Owl pumpkin // 13. False teeth/Vampire pumpkin // 14. White cat pumpkin