It's fall! Ok, ok it's been fall for several days now but let's be real, it actually feeeellllls like fall now that it's October. Like most of us, I'm a sucker for fall fashion, especially COZY fall fashion. Oh, and for moscow mules too...

Plaid dress: perfect for "no pants Saturdays" + they go epically well with moccasins.

Aritzia has yet to fail me, expert at all things stylish yet sneakily comfortable @AlixWlms swears by these Wilfred Free Aline Pants, direct quote: "legit - this might be the best pair of pants I've ever bought".

Coffee Now BITNB (Brunette Is The New Black - #duh) Sweatshirt: this is a no-brainer. I always need coffee… Now.

Moscow mule mug: to drink moscow mules in. And look sophisticated while doing it.

Have a great (cozy) weekend babes! ~xo L