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meet our beautiful, talented and f.i.t. soul sista karleen samson (@karleensamson) *applause* this badass babe isn't just a pretty face, she runs us through sweat sessions like it's her job - oh wait, it is. how she manages to get us to force our bodies past what we thought were our limits all the while gritting it out alongside the crew she's instructing, and smiling ever so sweetly of course is a secret she's keeping. well not really, you can experience it for yourself at both studio revolution and the sweat lab in calgary, ab.

karleen pearly whites
studio revolution calgary |

yes those are surfboards…. on land - say what?! karleen is queen of SURFSET® - what's that you ask? SURFSET® is an indredibly unique workout, different than anything we've done to date. it combines elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle building, and balance & core training. never the same workout twice, studio revolution offers 45 minute sessions on an unstable surfboard using resistance bands, kettle bells, TRX, and surf (of course) yoga inspired moves.

karleen board prep
karleen paddling
karleen plank
karleen surfing!

one of our fav things about SURFSET® is that there are different levels of "instability" - you can adjust how stable the board is over time so once you feel that sense of accomplishment, mastering the beginner waves you get to paddle out to the big guys and feel like a rookie all over again ;)

Karleen side profile
Karleen + michi

we know what you're thinking, girlfriend's got s.t.y.l.e. karleeen is rocking 100% MICHI - sexy meets athletic, each piece is "Made With Love in Canada" (just like us). we are in love with the edgy & functional product coming out! a listing of stores that carry this fab brand can be found here.

karleen michi bra |
karleen in michi leggings |
karleen in michi blk wht |

karleen is wearing the helix bra in black/nude & the luna legging in charcoal heather/black. similar style mesh top: the revolt tee in black. check out the styles below + styles we have our eye on.

(Blair Marie Photography you take gooooood pictures)


karleen can be found kickin' ass and taking names (while rocking her MICHI of course) at the following studios/class times:

studio revolution:

fridays @ 4:30pm | burn it & build it + 5:30pm | drop & pop

saturdays @ 1:15pm | ripped tide + 2:30pm | burn it & build it

the sweat lab:

thursdays @ 9:45am | barre

sundays @ 9:00am | barre