how to clean your | converse

nothing's better than fresh white kicks (ok, winning the lottery might be a little better…). this is how I keep my converse looking brand new (this works for any shoes made with rubber or canvas) ~ happy cleaning!

pre-clean converse

a standard cream-with-bleach household cleaner is your best friend here. I have used both Vim & Soft Scrub.

1. slightly dampen a clean  rag/cloth.

2. put a dime sized amount of the cleaner on your cloth.

3. go to work scrubbing the rubber parts of your shoes.

*to get the stains out of the canvas on the left foot, I used dish soap and a damp cloth to spot scrub it out. 

4. if your canvas is looking a little dull/filthy overall put them in the washing machine with a couple of (similar coloured) towels and a small amount of detergent - make sure to wash them in cold water.

clean converse

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