cinnamon java | 5 minute abs

my morning routine always includes a cup of cinnamon coffee. not only does it make my coffee taste delicious, there are heaps of healthy benefits! cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties that helps our bodies fight infection and repair tissue damage, can lower blood sugar levels and improve brain function. i'm sold. 

cinnamon coffee: mix 1/2 tbsp - 1 1/2 tbsp (depending on how much you are making/it's personal preference) into the coffee grounds before brewing. (i use a french press that i put about 4 heaping tablespoons of coffee in + 1/2 to 1 tbsp of cinnamon.)

{where do the abs come in to play? read on…}

cinnamon coffee | anthropologie mug | Oil & Grain
cinnamon coffee | OIl & Grain

monogrammed coffee mugs from Anthropologie, links here and here.

i use a french press to make my coffee so i have about 5 minutes to kill while i eagerly anticipate my morning brew. enter my 5 minute daily ab workout. i have a strong love affair with my morning coffee so i thought why not combine an activity i can easily talk myself out of to it, tricking my mind into loving a morning ab workout too! once you've automated the habit you don't have to think about it anymore as one more thing on your to-do list for the day. aside from the obvious benefit (abs), consistently exercising first thing in the morning has other perks too. i feel healthy, energized, more productive & accomplished. high fives all around!

i keep it easy and do 4 versions of plank for a total of 5 minutes:

1. full plank: 1 minute

2. elbow plank: 1 minute

3. side plank: 1 minute *each side

4. raised leg plank: 30 seconds each leg

you should feel the work in your abs, gluteus and quads. make sure shoulders are stacked over your wrists and shoulder blades are retracted - plugged bag and down - into your back. hips are in a neutral position, watch out for your pelvis dipping or raising. if you are feeling the work in your back and arms vs. abs/glutes/quads check to ensure your body is in the proper position.

planks are great for encouraging core stability, supporting proper posture and strengthening not only your abdominal wall but your hips & shoulders as well as arm balance if you do one arm holds. 

*30 second holds x 2 rounds is a great way to build up to 1 minute holds. increasing time in each position and/or lifting one arm or leg in high plank or elbow plank advances the workout! 

leggings: wunder under pant * full-on luon (roll down) | top: lululemon (old) similar styles below.