hair tutorial | headband wrap n' tuck

i rely on this style for barre & spin classes, it keeps the sweat out of my eyes and hair stylishly off of my neck and it's really simply to do! no elastics needed, just a headband ~ get ready to #sweatfancy ladies!


1. place an elasticized headband over top of your hair. 

2. gather your hair into a low pony tail below the headband.

3. twist your pony slightly and tuck it in over top of the headband.

*if you have long hair you can wrap it around the headband or simply tuck it in.

**if you have shorter hair just tuck your ends in over top of the headband - might need to use some hairspray and/or bobby pins to lock in the style.

4. roll your hair into the headband, tucking it in so it's snug - tighter near your face, looser in the back.


this style works great with thin or thick elastic headbands. you can dress it up with a fancy one for a night out or wear a casual one for a workout. it works like a charm if you forget an elastic! you can also tease your hair at your crown to add a little oomph.

i am wearing a reversible bang buster from lululemon. more styles below!

xo ~ L