the desire map

goal setting. g.o.a.l.s.e.t.t.i.n.g.

these two seemingly harmless words haunt my dreams on the regular. especially at the beginning of a new year when resolutions are the question du jour. enter Danielle Laporte and The Desire Map. my apprehension and fears about setting goals dissolved as i navigated how i want to feel vs. trying to figure out what i should be accomplishing. it felt both challenging and liberating to delve into what's honestly (key word, honest**) working for me and what isn't, how i react when i'm at my best and worst and figuring out what actually gets me leaping out of bed in the morning vs. crawling out after hitting snooze 8 times (i want to be a daily leaper). it's self reflection that left me feeling like i truly learned more about me and got me out of a routine of going through the motions (my "motions" weren't however i wasn't moving forward).  if you can relate, i strongly suggest sprinting to your nearest bookstore/logging in to your Amazon account  immediately to get your hands on this book! winter (escape) vacation read perhaps?!


gut checks and feelings,i dig Danielle, i dig.


abundance. connection. electric. freedom. joy.

my core desired feelings that I'm trying on fresh out of going through the book… 


this book is not just about info intake, approximately 1/3 is a workbook. get your favourite pen out!

pendelton desire map |

if you want it , click here.

cheers to your desires!

xo ~ L