How to Actually Live Your Dream

Getting what you want is simple

but not easy.

Wise words from Mel Robbins in her TED talk "Stop Screwing Yourself Over".

If you're in your head you're fighting on the wrong side. "I don't feel like it" probably isn't going to get you to where you want to go, it's getting out of your 'comfort zone' and entering into the 'taking action zone' where reward and achievement live. As a fitness instructor I can't tell you how many times I've riffed on getting uncomfortable to get the results you want, it's painful but true and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... right?

Breaking your routine requires force.

Can I get an AMEN!


Ok. Here's what you do - and remember, *simple but not easy*... Stop going through your day on autopilot and start trying something new, even if it makes you wriggle in your seat from discomfort and fear.

Force yourself to take action within 5 seconds of having a thought. This is straight from Mel, she believes you need to take action within 5 seconds of thinking of something or you won't do it. And that action can be something simple - make a phone call, ask a question, tell someone about what your doing (accountability), sign up, make a commitment, make a request. Whatever it is take the first step and take it immediately.


Try this: every day for the next 30 days take action on at least one desire or thought you'd normally hesitate to.

  • Sign up for that fashion design course.
  • Purchase the domain for your new business.
  • Post on Instagram that your photography skills are for hire.
  • Buy the person behind you in line their coffee.
  • Talk to that guy/girl you've been stalking for weeks.
  • Open up a savings account complete with an auto deposit set up of funds to go into it each month.
  • Request 3 weeks off from work to hike in Nepal.
  • Write the outline for your best selling book.

Whatever it is, big or small, do it. The goal is to get accustomed to overcoming hesitation and getting into action.

At the end of each day reflect on how each action made you feel. After 30 days, take stock of who you are now and what you've accomplished and decide what future desires you're about to fulfill...